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US Custodians 🇺🇸

Meet some of the Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers that work together with US custodians. Therefore US clients can avoid FATCA and FBAR reporting issues involved with a non-US custodian.



A new section specifically for Canada and Canadian citizens and residents has been added to the navigation on

Swiss wealth management services for US citizens and residents

Name change

Swiss wealth management services for US citizens and residents
For American expats in Switzerland and those to come
(Formerly known as WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME - Swiss wealth management for US clients and WHERE AMERICANS ARE WELCOME-EXPATS - For Americans in Switzerland and those to come)

New listings

Partner for citizenship and residence planning
Partners for trust advice, Swiss trustees and US South Dakota trusts

In preparation

The Swiss and US custodians section is expanding to include bank listings from Swiss, Liechtenstein and US custodian banks the hold accounts for US clients in collaboration with a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser.

US advisers section for US advisers that have a working relationship with a Swiss SEC RIA or other Swiss-based company

The Insurance-based solutions section is expanding to include Swiss SEC RIAs that can implement insurance-based solutions for estate planning purposes (PPLI, DVAs).

The SWISS WEALTH MANAGEMENT SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP presented by AMERICANS WELCOME ★ SWITZERLAND and the Swiss Institute for Financial Planning (see more information below)

AMERICANS WELCOME ★ ASIA americanswelcome.asia 

Always nice to receive a compliment!

"I will be traveling to Switzerland to interview money managers since I have always valued the more balanced global viewpoints of Swiss-based wealth managers. I find reading your publication and appropriate websites to be quite helpful and fine counsel." R.R.

"Wow, great websites you established, something completely new and helpful! You gathered the most important areas together, no need to any further search on the internet, fantastic." A.L.

"AWS is fantastic, I will take a look and think of people that might be relevant." P.R.

"I found your site webs very amazing. I am very impressed and grateful to know that you have invested in the effort to help Americans to find the resources in Switzerland." A-M.A.

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For example, in the Spring 2017 issue: Swiss Wealth Management for US Clients 

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Mixing business with pleasure! 


Be it for individuals, couples, the whole families or groups, AWS will organize an exclusive, tailor-made program to make a client's stay efficient, spectacular, enjoyable and worth their while. They can mix business with pleasure and meet with Swiss wealth managers, custodian banks and more to establish personal relationships during their stay.

Anne Liebgott from AMERICANS WELCOME ★ SWITZERLAND is a certified Switzerland Travel Expert


In planning

AMERICANS WELCOME ★ SWITZERLAND with the Institute for Financial Planning, Zurich
Zurich and Geneva, Switzerland
for US advisers and their clients

US advisers will partake in a one week program in Zurich and Geneva and go home with a certificate of qualification from IfFP. Some speakers will be provided by the IfFP, Zurich but the majority of the speakers (and workshops) will be by participating Swiss SEC RIAs and other wealth management-related service providers with client-friendly listings on AWS.

The AWS-IfFP seminar and workshop is in the planning phase and once participating Swiss SEC RIAs (as speakers, for presentations, workshops, personal meetings, sponsors etc. are lined up, the planning of the agenda (time schedule, venues, activities) will be determined in detail.

More information to follow.

Naturally, AWS-IfFP is open for suggestions during the planning phase. 


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