Is it possible for US investors to open a bank account in Switzerland? Yes, it is!
Are there good reasons for doing so? Yes, there are.
Is it complicated to get established? No, it isn't!
The AWS Swiss Wealth Management Education Center provides information and insights, first-hand from Swiss wealth management experts and more, dedicated to serving US citizens, US residents and US expats...and Canadians too!
There is not an easier way to gain and increase knowledge and get established in Switzerland.
US advisors can get a cutting edge over their competition, provide added value to their clients, and be prepared to take action when unexpected developments in the future require it.
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Swiss bank account in Switzerland in collaboration with a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor

Account opening process explained

Frank Suess
Partner & Executive Chairman
BFI Infinity

10 Cornerstones for Offshoring Wealth Safely

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