Getting listed

A client-friendly listing on AW★S (and AW★S EXPATS) now includes:
  • Alphabetical listing, Individual listing 
  • Logo (can be a perpetual, animated .gif banner)
  • Contact details
  • Links to your website, contact page
  • Strapline (1-2 sentence introduction to your services)
  • Links to your blogs, newsletters, reports, events etc.
  • Picture and short bio of one or more of your advisor(s) 
  • Link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Link to your LinkedIn company page
  • Contact form directed to your email address
  • Banners placed throughout the platform e.g. Q&A
  • Listing in the CANADA section, if you provide services to Canadians too
  • Featured in the Frontpage *NEWS* Showcase
  • Listing in the *NEWS* section (and ongoing news when submitted to AWS)
  • Listings in the Meet the people section for one or more of your advisers
  • Listings in the Events sections (when submitted to AWS)
  • Listings in the Publications sections
  • Interview/showcase to be added to the Publications sections with a link to your individual listing
  • Promotion over LinkedIn and twitter
  • US Advisers - Listing of US advisers in the US that have a working relationship with a Swiss SEC RIA or other Swiss service provider (see sample), or simply provides services to US clients in the US and Switzerland
New features to come (included):
  • US Adviser Academy - A learning series for US advisers on international and jurisdictional investment diversification and Swiss wealth management - Content provided by Swiss SEC RIAs and other service providers
  • Participation options in the upcoming Swiss Wealth Management Seminar and Workshop

All for CHF 780 plus VAT CHF 60.05 for one year
If you sign up now, compliments of AWS, two additional months and two banner placements free!


Special two year listing offer with 25% off for the second year, all for CHF 1,365 plus VAT CHF 105.10
(including new features to come). 


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The information required for your listing can, in most cases, be grabbed from your website and LinkedIn profile. You will be contacted to discuss details.

Thank you for your listing and support of Swiss wealth management services for US citizens and residents.

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