Cheat sheet

Download the cheat sheet here

Private clients

If you think that opening a bank account in Switzerland is complicated, the "cheat sheet" will show you the steps and you will see that once you have chosen a Swiss SEC-registered wealth manager, the going is easy. Your Swiss SEC RIA will take care of all the paperwork and formalities and walk you through the various steps. You don't even have to leave home to do open an account and establish a relationship with your Swiss SEC RIA (even though a trip to Switzerland is recommended). If desired, you can also include your present trusted adviser in the process.

Professional advisers

You can provide added value to your clients by co-counseling with a Swiss SEC RIA on adding the dimension of jurisdictional diversification to their overall strategy including an investment portfolio that complements the one at home. The "cheat sheet" will show you the steps.

Come to Switzerland and find out more!

While it is not necessary to come to Switzerland to open an account and establish a relationship with your Swiss SEC RIA, it is recommended. You can meet with your selected Swiss SEC RIAs, visit their offices and get a firsthand touch and feel of Switzerland as a home to your assets. Where Americans are Welcome is happy to organize your stay and agenda according to your individual needs and desires. Come alone, as a couple, as a family or in a group, we will provide you with a well thought out travel plan for an enjoyable, successful and efficient trip to Switzerland. For more information contact us here.

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