Albert Taryll Myles


Living in the US and Switzerland, splitting time between Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, and the Zurich and Geneva areas.

+41 76 559 10 56 (Switzerland)

Albert Taryll Myles is a mentor specializing in ultra-high-quality family dynamics, mental health and healthspan solutions aimed at Swiss, American and international billionaires, ultra high net worth individuals and families across the globe. Absolute discretion, integrity, adaptability, flexibility and availability on short notice built on nurtured relationships that private clients can trust and count on over the long-term.

Albert Myles
Albert Taryll Myles 

Albert, born in Los Angeles, California is an American former professional athlete, philanthropist, thought leader and leading expert in UHNW Family Dynamics, Mental Health and Healthspan. He has extensive experience and frequent worldwide travel working directly with family offices, billionaires, ultra high net worth individuals and families with private wealth in excess of USD 200 million, focusing on the non-financial aspects impacting family-owned business, family governance, succession planning, and personal health.

Albert speaks English, French and Spanish, has a multi-cultural background and is married. He lives in the U.S. and Switzerland, splitting time between Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, California, and areas of Zurich and Geneva. In his free time, he enjoys traveling, exercise, sports, music, fine wine and dining, and plays basketball in L.A. with celebrities and athletes that have included (NBA) Magic Johnson, A.C. Green, Paul Pierce, Metta World Peace, (NFL-Rams) Melvin Ingram, Terrell Owens, amongst others. Lastly, he is a Lululemon brand ambassador.

+41 76 559 10 56 (Switzerland)

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