fiduSMART GmbH

FiduSMART Treuhand & Steuerberatung GmbH

Alpenstrasse 16, 6300 Zug, Switzerland

+41 44 272 0101

Jennifer Martinel

Jennifer Martinel, Manager Director

FiduSMART Treuhand & Steuerberatung GmbH is a trustee company that puts at the service of its clients a proven ten-year experience in handling all those bureaucratic procedures needed not only by companies but also by private clients.

I am the Manager Director of the company, after graduating in 2014 in Business Administration Economy, I gained several years of professional experience and then opened in 2018 the first FiduSMART office in Zurich.

In 2020 FiduSMART moved to the centre of Zug and in the same year received an important award: The Global Finance Banking Award, in the category “Business Award Best New Audit and Tax Advisory Switzerland 2020”.

The company provides consultancy services to EXPAT, Fiduciary Advisory: from the management of basic services to the most complex practices of Family, Inheritance and Company Succession; Support in the management and establishment of Foundations (also family), Company Formation, Accounting, Relocation and Tax Assistance at International level and local level.

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