Jann Regenass, MBA, MAE,  Int. Dipl. (Comp)

Locations (French speaking area): Vallorbe, Croy, Orbe

T: +41 (0)24 565 51 59

FISCAREG serves a local clientele while maintaining a global vision of the services as well as the laws and international regulations in order to provide specific advice in the field of taxation in Switzerland and internationally.

Jann Regenbass
Jann Regenass - Founder

I have 20 years of compliance, tax, financial and legal experience, and I hold a MBA, a MSc in Finance and an ICA International Diploma in Compliance. I am the founder of FISCAREG, a Swiss-based tax professional services company focusing on Swiss and international tax, international compliance, US tax compliance and consultancy. The main office is in Orbe (VD) but we have offices in Geneva and Lausanne at your disposal.

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