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Global Gold offers private and institutional investors a safe, convenient, competitive and fully allocated precious metals service. Our clients can buy, sell, store and deliver a broad variety of physically allocated coins and bars made of gold, silver, platinum and palladium. Storage is offered in high-security storage facilities around the globe, with the majority stored in Switzerland. 

Scott Schamber
Scott Schamber, Managing Director

I have been with Global Gold since 2017 and I lead our team dedicated to the purchase and storage of physically allocated metals in Switzerland. I also serves as co-editor to the “Digger Quarterly” as well as the Global Gold blog.

I have been with the BFI Capital Group since 2002, most recently heading up the firm’s relationship management and client advisory team. I have helped the group grow in assisting US and international clients in selecting, qualifying and accessing global investments opportunities in a safe and convenient manner.

 Prior to joining BFI and moving to Switzerland, I was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and worked as a supervisor for a large US insurance company. I hold a Bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

+41 58 810 1750


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