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Zurich Headquarter

Löwenstrasse 11, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland


Via F. Soave 1, 6900 Lugano, Switzerland

+41 44 512 55 55

We analyze the needs of our clients and create suitable structures for dealing with assets, conditions and companies. In this way, we facilitate the preservation and increase of values and their transfer between people or companies; across borders or to the next generation. We act internationally, transparently, with commitment and guarantee quality based on excellent expertise.

A comprehensive range of services are available to our private clients: for example, from investment strategy, legal and tax advice to estate planning and succession arrangements for family businesses. In order to meet our clients‘ personal requirements in a professional and flawless way, Leo Trust provides teams of specialists to help our clients to achieve their goals in a sustainable manner.

We support institutional clients in all matters of company management and administration, as well as with compliance, tax and legal services. Our experts assist company formations or advise on restructurings and a wide range of administrative tasks.

Leo Trust is a specialist in professional and successful asset management. In this business segment, we serve private and institutional clients. Our experts closely coordinate the decisions for the investment strategy with the respective client, especially with regard to the different asset classes. Based on many years of experience, we find the optimal investment opportunities and increase the values entrusted to us at an adequate level of risk.

Dimitar Jauch 

Languages: DE / EN / BG

10 years of expertise

Roderick Strobl
Dr. Roderik J. P. Strobl - BBA, EMBA, MBA, TEP
Relationship Manager Key Clients

Languages: DE / EN / IT / FR / ES

25 years of expertise

Located in Zurich

I have the expertise in advising prime international private and corporate clients in the respective fields of private banking, innovation management, trust development and restoration, team building, corporate strategy, governance, wealth planning, crypto wealth planning, client relationship management, investment strategy and other related financial services. I am the Chairman of STEP Zurich and Verein STEP. My research area is trust in family office and entrepreneurial Swiss banking relationships.

 r.strobl@leotrust.ch     +41 44 512 55 55

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