Meet citizenship and residence planners

Jean-Marie Mettraux - Owner
JM Mettraux Conseil

Originally from the French part of Switzerland, Jean-Marie has been based in Zurich since 2006. After his master’s degree I started working for the Claims Resolution Tribunal of the Holocaust Victim Assets Litigation against Swiss Banks and other Swiss Entities. 

Thereafter, he started working for an international law boutique in Zurich specializing in cross-border tax service as a member of the US team that focuses on individuals and trusts with US tax problems. He was then promoted to Director of a new US tax accounting firm he helped found. In 2019, he decided to create his own company using his US and international compliance and tax knowledge. He is also active in the area of Citizenship and Residence planning.

Till Neumann - Owner
Citizen Lane LLC

My experience encompasses planning, consulting and handling citizenship applications and residency requests for investors in various countries. I was previously the department head at Henley & Partners. As your personal partner for Citizenship and Residence Planning I am pleased to provide you with comprehensive advice. Citizen Lane’s lawyers and consultants have a combined experience of more than 50 years. Besides my full time employment I studied at the Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration (HWZ), where I gained a BSc in Business Administration.

Jacopo Zamboni - Director, Zurich Office
Client Advisor
Henley & Partners Switzerland AG

I provide advice on residence and citizenship planning to private banks, family offices and lawyers, throughout Switzerland and Luxembourg. Prior to joining Henley & Partners, I worked for a Swiss insurance company where I advised multinationals on the ways to protect their mobile employees, as well as managing relationships with Swiss private banks that required tailor-made insurance solutions for high net worth individuals.

Marios Rafail - Head of Geneva office
Key Intermediaries Manager
Henley & Partners Switzerland AG

I am the Head of Geneva office and Key Intermediaries Manager of Henley & Partners Switzerland AG, representing the firm in the Swiss-Francophone region. Prior to joining Henley & Partners, I was heading the Finance Department of a Family Office out of China and Greece, while I worked for Mesirow Financial Consulting out of Chicago in the corporate advisory team, and Bloomberg in the sales management team. I hold a master's degree from Brandeis University in International Finance and Accounting and I speak six languages.

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