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LOBNEK Wealth Management's August 2020 newsletter

"The Many Dangers of Dissonance"


LOBNEK Wealth Management
The origins of the Pictet Group
Pictet North America Advisors PNAA registered with the SEC in 2007 to serve US and Canadian clients.
Want To Escape From America? 12 Countries Where You Can Buy Citizenship
(And A Second Passport)

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Henley & Partners
Meet Frank Suess, Partner and Executive Chairman of BFI Infinity, SEC-registered and dedicated to serving US clients.
BFI Infinity
"The most hated rally of all times"

Review & Outlook July 2020



Swiss External Asset Management Awards for Excellence 2021

A Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser will receive the award in the category:


Awarded to a manager with an outstanding separate and identifiable offering to North American clients. 

AW★SWITZERLAND is category sponsor.


Rene Marty is CEO of REYL Overseas, the SEC-registered, US-dedicated arm of the REYL Group.
REYL Overseas
Swiss, SEC-registered HIA Helvetia Investment Advisors has a new website!
HIA Helvetia Investment Advisors
Minimum amount of investment USD 100,000

Congratulations to Darlene Hart, CEO of US Tax & Financial Services and her teams in Geneva, Zurich and abroad to 30 years of excellent work!

"Understanding tax obligations, particularly the complex US tax system in connection with the exchange of information on a global scale requires a specialist team that works in this environment every day."

US Tax & Financial Services

"Switzerland can regain «tax-appeal» with Swiss trusts"

Capital Trustees will be able to advise US clients on Swiss trusts.
Capital Trustees


July 2020 Newsletter

Swiss Asset Management Talk with host Jamie Vrijhof-Droese from WHVP and guest, Pavla Melkova, US tax expert from Taxpat on services for US clients.
Daniel Zurbruegg - CEO
Marc Moret, CEO of LOBNEK Wealth Management, Geneva, a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor in Citywire June 2020
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LOBNEK Wealth Management
Anne Liebgott from AW★SWITZERLAND on
Mission Money Matters with Adam Torres
"The Ultra-Rich Are Now Buying ‘Pandemic Passports’ So They Can Move to Safer Countries
Applications for new nationalities have increased 42 percent since last year, according to citizenship broker Henley & Partners."


Henley & Partners

US-based adviser

"In a Utopian Land of Milk and Honey"


Rising Star Financial
Frank Suess - Partner & Executive Chairman
BFI Infinity

A member of the BFI Group

★ New Section 

Henley Passport Index has measured passport power for the past 16 years, but global mobility has fundamentally been grounded by COVID-19 with more than half the world’s population living in lockdown.

However, the pandemic might make both HNWI and sovereign states reconsider their perception of investment migration.

In fact, we believe that post-pandemic, demand will grow, both from globally-minded HNWIs but just as importantly from sovereign states that recognize investment migration’s unique ability to create societal value through a debt free injection of capital into an economy, creating new employment and potentially driving significant economic diversification and growth.

For more information about your alternative residence and citizenship options:

Jacopo Zamboni
Henley & Partner
★ Meet 
Hangama Wanner, Founder & Managing Partner
KayHan Swiss, Zurich, Switzerland

Professional, discreet and legal advisory services on citizenship and residency programs around the world, including private banking and financial solutions in Switzerland as well as relocation services and company incorporation.

★ New listing 
Giampaolo Bonalumi, CEO

HIA Helvetia Investment Advisors SA

Lugano, Switzerland

SEC-registered, independent Swiss investment advisor

Minimum amount of investment USD 100,000

FINAPORT Asset Management is the Swiss SEC-registered member of the FINAPORT group, providing asset management to American clients.
"Switzerland is resistant and innovative during times of crisis"


★ New listing 
Dominique Spillmann
Michael Donev, Esq.

swisspartners Advisors

Zurich, Switzerland

SEC-Registered investment advisor, serving US and Canadian clients

★ New listing 
US-based adviser
Oliver Hohermuth, Principal, CEO

Rising Star Financial

Protect your wealth and assets through international diversification in both investments and jurisdictions.

Palm Beach Gardens, FL | Dallas, TX
★ Updated listing 
Meet the new team!
★ Meet 
Susanna Giase
Director, Senior Client Advisor, CFP
BELVOIR Wealth Management, Zurich, Switzerland

Since 2004, BWM is an independent, SEC Security and Exchange Commission-registered, multi-family office based in Zurich.



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