René Marty from REYL Overseas on LinkedIn
"A gentle, thoughtful approach toward U.S. clients"
The Key Box Storage Solution
Holiday rentals and properties for sale available to American buyers
Smiling House listing
U.S. tax specialists focused on your U.S. tax needs
Marc Moret, CEO of LOBNEK Wealth Management in the news on Citywire
Professional global asset management company with Swiss standards
FINAPORT listing
For the first time, Citywire Switzerland’s Top50 report reveals Switzerland and Liechtenstein’s most influential independent asset managers.
LFA on page 32 of CityWire's TOP 50 magazine
Our February newsletter is here, and this month we look at the cyclicality of markets. Are cycles getting shorter? Is the information revolution shortening them?
Read our latest publication and don't hesitate to share your thoughts!
Ameliora Wealth Management
Investment Outlook Q1/2019 
Daniel Zurbruegg from BFI Infinity introduces wealth management at ORBIS 28.
Watch the video
Meet Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers that work together with US custodians. Therefore, US clients can avoid FATCA and FBAR reporting issues involved with a non-US custodian.
LFA offers ESG Investing mandates to US clients
LOBNEK Wealth Management in the news!
"BFI Infinity to launch new Swiss/European single stock strategy. Did you know....U.S. equities have never looked more expensive compared to Switzerland and Europe. While the Dollar is still high but set for decline, this might be a unique opportunity for US Investors to start adding international investments."
BFI Infinity listing
New listing
Welcome to AWS' first US-based adviser!
ALPEN WEALTH Advisory Group
Chicago, IL, USA
From the Swiss Banking Association and the Boston Consulting Group
Switzerland - A strong hub for investment management
Daniel Zurbruegg, BFI Infinity
"Investing internationally has never been easier; U.S. custody solution for global investments: It's time for Global Investments: U.S. stocks are now valued almost double what European stocks are (based on P/B). With the U.S. dollar being set for a decline in the coming years, the time to invest internationally is now. Ask us for our new U.S. custody setup and our global investment strategies."
BFI Infinity listing
In addition to their SEC registration, Hyposwiss Advisors SA is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) and the Québec Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) as a Portfolio Manager and can provide Swiss wealth management services to Canadian clients in addition to US clients.
Francesco Bernasconi, CEO of LFA, in the news...
"Lugano WM CEO: why small players will win the US market"
Anne Liebgott from 
mentioned in the Reuters' article
"Swiss banks court rich Americans a decade after tax drama"
Citizenship and Residence Planning
Global Citizenship Review
Henley & Partners listing
Meet the new CEO of Pictet North America Advisers SA
Grégoire Pictet - CEO - Geneva Headquarters
LFA specializes in Swiss wealth management for US citizens and US persons
in the United States, Switzerland and abroad.
Swiss Banking Barometer 2018
Switzerland remains the world leader in the global cross-border private banking business with global market share of 27.5 percent.
REYL Overseas Ltd., a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser with offices in Zurich and Texas, announces René Marty as CEO
Martin Lessing, Co-President Global Wealth Management UBS, said at the Thomson Reuters "The Future of Wealth Management" event in Zurich...
...that with the world's increasing political volatility, investment diversification into other markets - moving away from a home-market bias - and investing in the longer-term, are his primary recommendations.
Explore international investment diversification "Made in Switzerland"
Switzerland remains the leader for private wealth management
LFA in the news!
Lugano WM re-appoints CEO
New listing!
LOBNEK Wealth Management, a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor in Geneva, Switzerland.
Interview with René Marty, CEO of REYL Overseas
"Why are U.S. investors an attractive group of clients?"
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U.S. tax specialists focused on your U.S. tax needs
CNNMoney Switzerland recorded its highest audience ever in January 2019: 143,000 unique viewers on TV; 284,000 impressions on LinkedIn; and, since the launch one year ago, 1 million minutes viewed on YouTube! 
MORE from CNNMoney Switzerland
Karolina Bakari has joined HYPOSWISS ADVISORS in their new Zurich Representative Office as a Relationship Manager.
Meet Karolina Bakari
has a new Representative Office in Zurich
Francesco Bernasconi, CEO of LFA on LinkedIn Pulse
"The Swiss dimension is a dimension of safety for an investment portfolio"
Swiss Money Management goes American!
Daniel Zurbruegg, BFI Infinity
"Swiss Money Management goes American! Find out about our new U.S. custody solution and how you can access the world's most promising investment markets without keeping your money offshore."
BFI Infinity listing
Francesco Bernasconi, CEO of LFA, a Swiss SEC-registered wealth manager, on LinkedIn Pulse
UBS, Vontobel...LFA

BFI Group celebrating 25 years of protecting and growing our clients’ wealth!

 At BFI Infinity, we are excited to announce the 25th anniversary of our group’s existence. Since May 21st of 1993, the founders and team members of BFI Capital Group Inc. and our sister companies have delivered quality services and bespoke solutions in the context of jurisdictional diversification and global investing.

“At BFI, we are proud of our history and heritage. Our greatest gratification and the number one factor for our continued success is found in the long-term relationships we have been able to build with our clients, partners and friends, like you! Therefore, thank you so much for your trust, and for being a part of our story!” Frank R. Suess, CEO & Chairman BFI Capital Group Inc.

BFI Infinity listing
★ New section for US-based advisers 
In their quest to provide their clients with added-value and advise them on adding an international dimension to their US-based investment portfolios, US advisers have developed relationships with Swiss wealth managers, tax advisers, trustees and other wealth-management related service providers.
René Marty from REYL Overseas in the news!
"U.S. Offshore Banking's Carousel"
BFI Infinity, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser
BFI Infinity blog
Daniel Zurbruegg from BFI Infinity writes for ORBIS28.
"The Canton of Zurich and the Zurich Banking Association work to create the conditions in which the banking center can flourish."
Zurich moves up the ranks significantly to the top 10 of the world's financial centers, according to the twenty-fourth edition of the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 24).
New listing!
Meet the new CEO of LFA, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser with offices in Lugano and Zurich.
For US investors: Two easy ways to get Swiss-style international wealth management


A new section specifically for Canada and Canadian citizens and residents has been added to 

REYL Overseas, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser in the news!
Swiss groups rush to snap up US clients
New listing! 
Citizenship and residence planning
New listing! KENDRIS LTD.
Legal Advising
HYPOSWISS ADVISORS SA with Elio Barzilay in the news!
AT THE CROSSROADS: Catering for a diverse range of international clients
New listing! KENDRIS LTD.
Trusts, Foundations & Companies
Swiss Trustee & Board of Directors Mandates
South Dakota Trust
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