Meet the new CEO of Pictet North America Advisers SA
Grégoire Pictet - CEO - Geneva Headquarters
LFA specializes in Swiss wealth management for US citizens and US persons
in the United States, Switzerland and abroad.
Why use a Swiss-based Advisor?
For a well-diversified wealth strategy, Switzerland is the ideal location from which to guard and grow your assets.
Swiss Banking Barometer 2018
Switzerland remains the world leader in the global cross-border private banking business with global market share of 27.5 percent.
The Big Tour

For five weeks, CNN Money Switzerland traveled to each of Switzerland’s 26 cantons and reported on the innovation and entrepreneurial spirit that is at the core of this beautiful country.

Martin Lessing, Co-President Global Wealth Management UBS, said at the Thomson Reuters "The Future of Wealth Management" event in Zurich...
...that with the world's increasing political volatility, investment diversification into other markets - moving away from a home-market bias - and investing in the longer-term, are his primary recommendations.
Explore international investment diversification "Made in Switzerland"
Switzerland remains the leader for private wealth management
Swiss tidbit
New book by Martin Dahinden
Swiss tidbit: Since it launched with 1,500 points in 1988, Switzerland's most important equity index has grown nearly sixfold. 
Rainer Nigg, CEO from Ameliora Wealth Management Ltd. welcomes US clients.
LFA in the news!
Lugano WM re-appoints CEO
Who is behind Beck Asset Management, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser based in Zurich?
New listing!
LOBNEK Wealth Management, a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor in Geneva, Switzerland.
Who is behind HYPOSWISS Advisors in Geneva, a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor?
Who is behind REYL Overseas, a Swiss SEC registered investment adviser with offices in Dallas, Texas?
New offices!
Elio Barzilay hopes to see you soon in the new office in the center of Geneva for coffee and a discussion on investments!
Rue de Hesse 7, 1204 Geneva, Switzerland
New listing! CANADA 🇨🇦

Meet Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers that work together with US custodians. Therefore US clients can avoid FATCA and FBAR reporting issues involved with a non-US custodian.

New listing! 
Citizenship and residence planning
HYPOSWISS ADVISORS SA with Elio Barzilay in the news!
AT THE CROSSROADS: Catering for a diverse range of international clients
Swiss groups rush to snap up US clients
Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser, BFI Infinity Inc., in the news
New listing! KENDRIS LTD.
Legal Advising
REYL Overseas in the news
"U.S. Offshore Banking's Carousel"
BFI Infinity, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser
BFI Infinity blog
Daniel Zurbruegg from BFI Infinity writes for ORBIS28.
"The Canton of Zurich and the Zurich Banking Association work to create the conditions in which the banking center can flourish."
"Bulls and bears: how WMs are positioned on equities"
Gianpiero Sturzo from LOBNEK Wealth Management, a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor in CityWire
Zurich moves up the ranks significantly to the top 10 of the world's financial centers, according to the twenty-fourth edition of the Global Financial Centres Index (GFCI 24).
New listing!
Oliver Hohermuth from REYL Overseas in the news!
Americans are rushing to invest in Switzerland
Meet the CEO of LFA, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser with offices in Lugano and Zurich.
For US investors: Two easy ways to get Swiss-style international wealth management
Who is behind FINAPORT Asset Management Ltd, a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor?
Who is behind BFI Infinity in Zurich, a Swiss SEC-registered investment advisor?
Who is behind Silvercoast Partners, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser?
BFI Infinity's
InSights Q1 2018
Published January 2018


A new section specifically for Canada and Canadian citizens and residents has been added to 

REYL Overseas, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser in the news!
Swiss groups rush to snap up US clients
New listing! KENDRIS LTD.
Trusts, Foundations & Companies
Swiss Trustee & Board of Directors Mandates
South Dakota Trust
Silvercoast Partners, a Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser, has a new brochure to download
New listing! Swiss SEC-registered investment adviser, Finaport Asset Management Ltd. 
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