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1291 GROUP

Beethovenstrasse 24, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland

  +41 44 266 21 41

Minimum amount of investment: USD 5,000,000

The 1291 Ohio Pension Plan is a pension plan under Malta law, specially tailored for American citizens or residents. While the plan is governed by Maltese law, the U.S. / Malta double tax treaty (signed in 2010), proves to be very effective and makes Maltese pension plans very attractive to American members. The plan allows investors to make unlimited contributions -also contributions in kind -and to grow the funds virtually without exposure to Maltese or U.S. taxation. When the member reaches age 50, withdrawals can start. Payments can be structured as tax-free lump sum payments or as taxable annual income payments.

Marc-André Sola - Chairman

Educational background: Master of Law, with 25 years of experience in financial services and international wealth and tax planning.

Professional stations: Founder of the 1291 Group and a number of other companies in different sectors.

Important values: I believe in family and long term relationships. I want to help my clients with all my experience and network. In all my undertakings I try to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.
+41 44 266 21 41

The 1291 Ohio Pension Plan (1291OPP)


Marc-André Sola, Chairman of the 1291 Group on 20 years of business

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