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Rotella Capital believes that fundamental, cyclical, and emotional factors that influence the market can be observed in market price activity, and that market prices periodically exhibit non-random or trending behavior.  These price patterns can exist in virtually every market worldwide, and can be exploited for profit if there is enough liquidity, transparency, and available market data.

Because price patterns can be fleeting and/​or opaque to the discretionary investor, we believe that the most consistent investment methodology for generating compelling returns across global markets combines quantitative trading models, efficient portfolio management, disciplined risk management, and innovative use of technology.

Dean W. Crowder III
Dean W. Crowder, III - Managing Director, Global Head of Strategic Business Development

Dean W. Crowder leads Rotella’s overall sales and marketing efforts, manages investor relationships, and assists in strategic business planning initiatives as the firm leverages its deep experience in systematic investing. Mr. Crowder has represented hedge funds to global institutions in the Americas, Europe and Asia for over 21 years.

Prior to rejoining Rotella in August 2018, Mr. Crowder was Global Head of Business Development for Schultze Asset Management LP. Prior to joining Rotella, he founded Alpha Alternative Investments, LLC, a Texas-based RIA and represented select hedge funds and alternative investments to global institutions via an affiliation with Strait LLC. He held various senior marketing positions with leading hedge fund firms: Marketing Director at Vicis Capital, LLC, a multi-strategy volatility fund; Director of Marketing at Cotton Hall Asset Management, LP, a L/S European equity fund; Managing Director | Institutional Sales for Asia & Europe at Kenmar Global Investment Management LLC; and Director of Global Marketing at Alpha Investment Management, LLC, a hedge fund of funds founded by Nicolas Berggruen that was acquired by Safra Asset Management. While at Alpha Investment Management, LLC, he helped establish the hedge fund industry’s first managed account platform of hedge fund of funds and single hedging strategies for global institutions.

Mr. Crowder holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from Michigan State University.

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In collaboration with Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers, Swiss-based US tax advisers and Swiss lawyers for international investment diversification.

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