Silvercoast Partners AG

Silvercoast Partners AG

Speerstrasse 12b, 8832 Wilen, Switzerland

T: +41 44 787 64 60   F: +41 44 787 64 69

Minimum amount of investment:

USD 1,000,000

The primary focus of our wealth management professionals is to help build, preserve and manage the wealth of individuals and families. Our proven team is devoted to helping our clients reach and achieve their goals.

Joseph Haering, Co-Founder, Chairman, Chief Executive Officer 

I am an investment professional with more than 30 years of experience in all aspects of investment management, private banking and global wealth management. Prior to joining Silvercoast, I spent two decades at Credit Suisse – a global financial institution that provides investment banking, private banking and asset management services to clients around the world – in a variety of leadership roles, most recently as the Head of its North America wealth management and private banking business. Until my retirement, I and my team were responsible for advising High Net Worth and Ultra High Net Worth individuals and families on their investment management and wealth planning needs. I am a Swiss certified wealth management and private banking relationship manager and am Series 65 FINRA registered.    
+41 44 787 64 60

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