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Choosing a Swiss investment adviser – simplified

When it comes to choosing a foreign financial adviser to help with geographical investment diversification, asset protection, and international investing one needs to look at important factors such as service offerings, performance and management fees, just to name a few. On the other hand, considering markets like Switzerland, those underlying factors might be similar and even identical from one Swiss SEC RIA to the next. There are a number of investment advisors in Switzerland, registered with the SEC, who are in the identical business of providing long-term capital preservation options and geographical diversification to Americans with the same custodian banks and within somewhat similar management fee schedules. This begs the following question – if all those underlying factors are basically the same, then what would a potential client look at when making his or her choice of whom to trust with his or her money outside of the US.

The answer, right off the bat, is that just as at home, it comes down to the human connection. The interpersonal relationship one forms with his or her financial adviser is even more important when the distance is greater, the time zones are different, and language barriers may seem to put limits on communication. At the end of the day, it is this relationship that drives many of the financial decisions for the long-term capital preservation and diversification of your wealth. That’s why it’s imperative to look at the things that qualify your adviser with regard to your own personal criteria and preferences.

A combination of experience, professional accreditation, as well as background, interests, and character are some of the building blocks that create a long-term relationship. It is for those reasons that swisspartners Advisors (SPA) greatly differs from its competitors. We have a truly international team with a combined experience of over 100 years in private banking, investment management, and law. Each team member at SPA comes from different walks of life and brings their personal values and experience to focus on establishing a good working relationship with our clients. This has been at the core of SPA’s philosophy since the moment of its establishment.

As part of swisspartners Group – one of the biggest and oldest independent investment management companies by assets under management and number of clients in Switzerland – SPA has been getting US clients established in Switzerland since 2008. With its well-established network from coast-to-coast throughout the United States, SPA has and continues to embrace long-lasting relationships with industry leaders to create a bridge between Switzerland and the US. The ground covered noticeably distinguishes SPA from the others because it makes it easy and efficient for clients to bank in Switzerland without leaving their city, town or even home. Moreover, with significant time spent in the US, it makes it much more accessible to clients to speak face-to-face with their SPA adviser at a moment’s notice. SPA has the specialists at hand to make this work – from taxation and estate planning to asset protection or just reporting.

SPA is a trusted partner to attorneys, law firms, and family offices across the fifty states as the go-to solution for US clients looking to take advantage of Switzerland’s long-standing traditions of wealth management. As part of its established relationships with Switzerland’s leading names in banking, SPA has custody and commission contracts set in place that are not only competitive but also highly attractive and unique. Conditions are improved and re-negotiated regularly to reflect the current market and investment environment. As a result, clients have a wide range of custodian banks to choose from, which in turn makes SPA a truly independent investment boutique. This allows us to focus exclusively on asset management and better positions us to perform in an unbiased fashion aligned with our clients’ goals.

The exceptionally diverse expertise, experienced team, unique connections with industry leaders, continuous time on the ground, and unparalleled service offerings are only some of the reasons that strongly differentiates SPA from the rest of the SEC RIAs in Switzerland. It is only through first hand experience that one would be able see the benefits of working with SPA and having the peace of mind that your money is in safe, competent hands.

I am looking forward to the first step of our long-term relationship. Please contact me at your convenience.

Michael Donev, Esq.

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