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Ready for jurisdictional and international diversification?

International diversification is well accepted by investors around the world. Internationally-minded investors don't keep all of their assets in a single investment, in a single currency or in a single market.

Many investors think that by placing assets through their local bank or asset manager in an international mutual fund investing in non-domestic securities around the world, they've found a good way to achieve international diversification. But that is not necessarily the case.

Beyond your own borders is key - take a closer look at Switzerland

Real international diversification means holding a portion of your assets beyond your borders, in other jurisdictions not subject to the same market fluctuations, economic cycles, currency developments, financial institutions and political direction like you have back home. For some internationally-active families, personal or business financial matters make international banking a necessity.

These days, there are many strong motivators for exploring real international diversification, complementing the investment strategy you have at home. When you do decide to diversify your portfolio internationally, you should do so in a way that may provide you with as much stability and long-term security as possible.

As the world's foremost "Private Banker", Switzerland continues to maintain an excellent track record even in the most turbulent of times. See Why Switzerland?

Swiss SEC RIAs welcome you ♥

A number of pro-American, forward-thinking and entrepreneurial-minded Swiss wealth managers have registered with the SEC as a Registered Investment Adviser (SEC RIA) and focus on providing legal, legitimate and tax-compliant, professional wealth management services to American private clients in the United States and abroad as well as other international clients with US-related planning requirements.

Swiss SEC RIAs come in all shapes and sizes, from the small and very personal one-man enterprise to larger, multi-family offices as well as the US client subsidiaries of several banks. The minimum amount of investment ranges between none, USD 1,000,000 and USD 20 mn or more so there is a Swiss SEC RIA for almost any kind of US investor. Most of the Swiss SEC RIAs can be found in Zurich (German-speaking region) followed by Geneva (French-speaking region and Ticino (Italian-speaking region) and a few have offices in the United States as well. See Swiss SEC RIAs Alphabetical listings.

Other services

Other Swiss-based service providers such as lawyers, trust advisers, tax advisers and more are also happy to work with American clients with their international wealth management needs.

US client - Swiss custodian bank - Swiss asset manager

Insurance company-based solutions can also be added to the equation and are available to Americans (when established outside of US jurisdiction). These insurance-based policies have become increasingly popular as the advantages of integrated wealth management solutions for estate planning purposes have become better understood and successfully put to use.

Evaluate the background of the Swiss SEC RIAs you may want to do business with - before you make any decisions

AWS enables you to browse through Swiss SEC RIAs and other pro-American wealth management-related service providers. Swiss SEC RIAs are listed alphabetically and regionally. You can locate and thoroughly evaluate the background of the Swiss SEC RIAs you may want to do business with - as part of the evaluation process, before you get in contact.

Travel to Switzerland

There is nothing like coming to Switzerland personally to get the touch and feel of Switzerland as a unique environment for the management of your internationally-diversified portfolio. Meeting personally with your Swiss SEC RIA of choice and discussing needs and options can be the beginning of a successful, long-term relationship, often over generations. AWS will happily organize travel arrangements and your itinerary for you, or you can participate in one of the upcoming AWS Swiss Wealth Management Seminars and Workshops. See Travel to Switzerland

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