1291 GROUP

Beethovenstrasse 24, 8002 Zurich

 +41 44 266 21 41

The 1291 Group Ltd is a global financial services group, offering tailor-made wealth protection plans to private individuals and investment professionals.

The markets will change, the strategies also, but what stays is the worldwide connection of first-class knowledge and long-term experience we share with families, our clients and partners. Within our 1291 family you are connected to an international group of top professional experts in the field of Private Wealth Solutions.

We are licensed in over 30 countries, we work with over 48 insurance companies in over 15 different jurisdictions and offer tax compliant solutions for clients from over 50 countries.

MARC-ANDRÉ sola - founder

I am the Founder of the 1291 Group and a number of other companies in different sectors.

I have a Master of Law, with 25 years of experience in financial services and international wealth and tax planning.

I believe in family and long term relationships. I want to help my clients with all my experience and my network. In all my undertakings I try to create a win-win situation for all parties involved.

 +41 44 266 21 41

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