Mixing business with pleasure

There is nothing like coming to Switzerland to get a firsthand touch and feel of the unique Swiss environment for your assets. Establishing personal contact with your new wealth manager and getting to meet the team is the beginning of a successful, long-term relationship.

Discuss your needs and options with your personal Swiss relationship manager, visit the custodian banks, get to know Swiss-based US tax advisors to get your US reporting requirements and taxes right, and if required, sit together with a financial planner, an estate-planning lawyer, an insurance specialist, and a trust advisor to really understand all aspects of investing a portion of your assets in Switzerland, taking your present and future strategy and needs into consideration. Perhaps you are also interested in citizenship and residence planning...alternative nationalities and residencies are available to you and your family.

Swiss Wealth Management Introduction Program

AWS will happily organize your personal "Swiss Wealth Management Introduction Program" during your trip to Switzerland, summer or winter. Either as an add-on to the travel plans you already have or starting from scratch, including accommodation in Switzerland as well as where to go and what to see, be it wining and dining, shopping, sports, sight-seeing, or whatever your particular interests are. We are also happy to organize your entire itinerary and act as your personal guide.

Family retreat

Wealth creates unique challenges and opportunities for families with the goal of preserving and increasing wealth through generations. We organize tailor-made family retreats to create a framework, not only for wealth management and estate planning but also for values transfer, family governance and the development of human capital.

Come to Switzerland and add the successful Swiss touch to building a legacy for your family based on common financial values and attitudes, as well as a working communication system to move forward.

Be it for yourself, as a couple, the whole family or as a group, we are happy to organize an exclusive, tailor-made program to make your stay efficient, enjoyable and worth your while.

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