Mixing business with pleasure

Switzerland offers a unique opportunity to mix business with pleasure, allowing you to experience the Swiss environment firsthand while taking care of your financial needs. By coming to Switzerland, you can establish personal contact with your wealth manager and build a successful, long-term relationship.

During your visit, you can discuss your financial needs and options with your personal Swiss relationship manager. You'll have the opportunity to visit custodian banks, meet with Swiss-based US tax advisors to ensure compliance with reporting requirements and taxes, and consult with financial planners, estate-planning lawyers, insurance specialists, and trust advisors to gain a comprehensive understanding of investing in Switzerland.

Additionally, if you're interested in citizenship and residence planning, Switzerland offers alternative nationalities and residencies that may be available to you and your family.

Swiss Wealth Management Introduction Program

To enhance your experience, AWS can organize a personalized "Swiss Wealth Management Introduction Program" during your trip to Switzerland. This program can be tailored to your specific interests and can include accommodation, recommendations on where to go, what to see, and activities such as wining and dining, shopping, sports, and sightseeing. AWS can also act as your personal guide and assist with organizing your entire itinerary.

Family retreat

For families looking to preserve and grow their wealth through generations, AWS offers tailor-made family retreats. These retreats provide a framework for wealth management, estate planning, values transfer, family governance, and the development of human capital. By coming to Switzerland and participating in a family retreat, you can benefit from the successful Swiss approach to building a financial legacy based on shared values and effective communication.

Whether you're traveling alone, as a couple, with your family, or as a group, AWS is dedicated to organizing an exclusive and tailor-made program to make your stay in Switzerland efficient, enjoyable, and worthwhile.

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