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Please read the following important legal information carefully. By accessing the website AWS, and hereinafter referred to as "AWS", you declare that you have understood the important legal information and that you agree with it. If you are not in agreement with individual conditions of this important legal information or if you do not wish to accept them, we ask you to leave the AWS website.

The AWS website is for your information only and is not intended as an offer, promotion, or solicitation to buy or sell any financial instrument or perform any other financial transactions. AWS does not provide and legal or tax advice.

The AWS website is not intended for persons (natural persons or legal entities) for which use of or access to the AWS website would contravene the laws of their country (on account of nationality or domicile/registered office of the person concerned or for other reasons). Such persons are not permitted to access the AWS website. Not all the services and products presented on this website are available or suitable for people in all countries. Whether a service or product may be offered to a certain person depends on the provisions of law and regulations applicable in the relevant country.

AWS is an independent and unbiased publication and does not recommend, prefer, endorse, solicit or discourage any particular listed Swiss SEC RIA, other service provider, wealth management product or other product. The information on this site is provided with the understanding that AWS is not engaged in rendering legal, tax, counseling or any other professional services or advice. The contents provided on the AWS website are not recommendations or decision aids for your investment decisions or other decisions and they do not constitute any type of advice. It is recommended that expert advice be taken before an investment decision is made. The SEC RIA listings are according to the SEC registrations and ADV Part 2s on the IAPD website. There is no claim to accuracy.

AWS has made every attempt to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information provided on this website. However, the information is provided "as is" without warranty of any kind. AWS does not accept any responsibility or liability for the accuracy, content, completeness, legality, or reliability of the information contained on this website.

DVA PPLI: While it is legal for an American to purchase a policy from a foreign insurance company, this must be done so from outside United States jurisdiction. Foreign insurance companies, their products and the brokers that work with them are not registered in the United States with the SEC or the US State insurance commissioners and they may not promote or market the policies on American soil. The information provided on AWS is of generic nature as it relates to American investors and is for informational purposes only. It does not constitute the promotion or solicitation of any insurance company, product or broker.

AWS has no material or immaterial vested benefits with any particular Swiss SEC RIA, company, service or product provider mentioned on this website. AWS is financed solely through advertising fees and AWS does not refer, solicit, endorse, recommend, prefer, or discourage any particular advertiser mentioned on this website.

The use of e-mail is voluntarily. The sending of e-mails via public networks is unprotected and they can be intercepted, read and altered by third parties. Even if the sender and recipient are in Switzerland, e-mails are frequently sent uncontrolled across borders. In addition to the content, the sender and recipient of the e-mail may be seen by third parties. Consequently, a conclusion about a relationship with AWS is possible. This also applies for e-mails which are used in communication with AWS. AWS is entitled to reply by e-mail to e-mails from the user. AWS accepts no liability for losses incurred from the use of e-mail. For technical reasons delivery of e-mails cannot be guaranteed by AWS. AWS accepts no liability for losses due to late delivery or non-delivery of e-mails.

AWS respects the private and personal sphere of the user and processes the user's personal data, insofar as personal data is to be recorded at the time of a visit on our website, in accordance with the prevailing provisions of law.When the user visits the AWS website, no personal data (e.g. name, address, telephone number etc.) is recorded without the user's consent. Only personal data provided to AWS by the user may be stored. The user will only be asked to enter personal data if he wishes to use the interactive services on the website.

However, AWS points out that personal data or personality profiles (e.g. user profile) requiring special protection ("Personal Data") may be collected and processed using applications, forms or questionnaires completed by a user or on the basis of agreements that a user concludes with AWS, or when user substantiates or maintains a user relationship with AWS. In particular, AWS collects and processes Personal Data for the following purposes: (i) Complying with statutory obligations, (ii) maintaining the user relationship, especially in respect of providing and marketing services, and (iii) improving the quality of products and services. Personal Data will be passed on to AWS companies, to third-party service providers when outsourcing services or to authorities and courts in Switzerland and abroad subject to users' consent, or without users' consent insofar as AWS is authorized or obliged to do so on account of statutory or regulatory provisions. Personal data will only be used by AWS for the purpose specified at the time of entering the data and for marketing purposes. Personal data will only be forwarded to third parties insofar as AWS is required to do so by legal or regulatory provisions or if these third parties are involved in the service for which the personal data has been entered. Suitable security precautions are applied when personal data is stored.

AWS also gathers and analyses anonymous data relating to use of the AWS website, e.g. the number of visits to the site, pages visited, duration of sessions, IP addresses etc. in order to assess the benefit provided by the site. However, data recorded in this way is used exclusively for statistical purposes and it is not forwarded to third parties outside AWS. AWS also draws attention to the fact that when a user accesses this website, cookies (strings of information sent by a website and stored on the user's computer) can be stored or accessed temporarily on the user's computer. This allows AWS to identify the computer accessing the website and thus to provide navigation shortcuts for the user's benefit. Only a minimum of information is recorded in the cookies used by AWS. By modifying Internet browser settings the user can prevent cookies from being placed on his computer. Depending on the browser settings selected, blocked cookies may reduce the functionality of the website or prevent access to it. AWS accepts no liability for such a restriction of the website.

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