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Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA

Cell: (310) 433-1051

To Truly Achieve Your Legacy, You Need A Plan…

I provide exclusive coaching to help you complete your legacy.

Angelina Carleton
Angelina Carleton, Founder

Angelina began her coaching practice by first advising individuals in several countries with their personal legacy goals. She then expanded to group facilitation by guiding family businesses with their legacy planning and becoming a member of the Luxury Institute’s GLEN network. Angelina is published in Women in Family Business as well as Alliance Magazine. She has led webinars with A Small World, a networking service for jet setters, as well as African Family Firms. Angelina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies from the Pennsylvania State University (Class of 2000) and has completed the Co-Active Executive Education program. She works out of her home base in Beverly Hills, California.

Cell: (310) 433-1051

In collaboration with Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers, Swiss-based US tax advisers and Swiss lawyers for international investment diversification.

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