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To Truly Achieve Your Legacy, You Need A Plan…

I provide exclusive coaching to help you complete your legacy.

Angelina Carleton - Founder

I believe the legacy of every human being can be positively realized. Most of us are not developing the kind of legacy that allows us to be as happy and satisfied as we'd like to be. I coach, think and speak about achieving personal life legacies so that others can see a way forward with greater simplicity. If the path to legacies is inspiring and supported, more people will be able to experience happiness and personal satisfaction.

Many people assume when an affluent individual is successful in one area, they know everything they need to know elsewhere for their personal development as well as life legacy. Since starting my coaching practice in 2014 and holding over 900+ coaching sessions, I’ve learnt that HNW individuals seek accountability around their guiding principles, passions and personal mission in consciously creating their and/or their family’s legacy.

In addition to preparing the assets, it is also a good idea to develop a holistic legacy plan that includes your values and identity so you can handle all blind spots that can come with taking agency of your legacy.

Trained by the Co-Active Training Institute and a Penn State alumnus, our tagline is “Wealth From Knowledge” because there are skills around communication, relationships and self-confidence worth receiving some coaching on. I’ve been published in Women in Family Business as well as Alliance Magazine and hold my own weekly podcast to inspire and educate listeners.

+1 (310) 433-1051

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