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Expat Partner Career Support is crucial for the success of international assignments as it also helps to reduce the stress and isolation experienced by the accompanying spouse.

  • We can improve their overall well-being and job satisfaction, positively impacting the assignee‚Äôs job performance and, ultimately, the assignment‚Äôs success

  • We can also enhance their employability and make them more attractive to potential employers, increasing the likelihood of successful repatriation

  • We demonstrate a commitment to your employees and their families, which can help to attract and retain talent and increase employee engagement and loyalty

  • We can also contribute to diversity and inclusion efforts by recognizing and supporting employees and their family‚Äôs unique needs and experiences

Angie Weinberger ‚Äď Expat Coach

Expat Coaches help expats with finding a job in Switzerland. I offer the HireMeExpress program, a job search program for Expat Partners. I also lecture at universities and consult companies on Global Mobility Transformation. My mission is to bring back the Human Touch into Global Mobility. I combine intercultural coaching, my long-standing Global Mobility expertise, and workshop facilitation skills into programs for Expats and Expat Partners. 

After my graduation in ‚ÄúInternational Business Studies‚ÄĚ from the University of Paderborn in 1997, I worked in International Human Resources. I specialized in Global Mobility during my corporate career at a large global bank and was then hired by one of the Big 4 Professional Services Firms in Germany to lead Global Mobility.¬†¬†Moving to Switzerland with the same company in 2009, I launched my own coaching and training company¬†Global People Transitions in 2012.¬†

My working languages are English and German. I speak French and Spanish on a conversational level, understand Swiss German, and am studying Arabic.


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