Americans Welcome Switzerland

Grüezi and welcome to Switzerland!

Thank you for connecting on LinkedIn and joining my network of Swiss and American private wealth management professionals.

As a Swiss/Canadian/Danish national, born in Vancouver, growing up in Canada and the US and living in Switzerland, I have always been "cross border" and international, and have experienced firsthand the benefits of being internationally connected and maintaining interesting relationships around the world.

In our increasingly global world, I am happy to be able to help American professionals to develop a Swiss network and to establish valuable relationships with Swiss experts focused on serving US clients. Vice-versa, I am happy to help Swiss professionals to connect with internationally-minded Americans.

Among U/HNW entrepreneurs and individuals in the US, the interest for international and jurisdictional investment diversification - creating a second home for a portion of their assets - is on the rise. The question is often, "How to get started in Switzerland?"

The Swiss platform, AMERICANS WELCOME ★ SWITZERLAND, is a directory, building a bridge between US investors and their advisers/counsel and Swiss wealth management professionals dedicated to serving American clients domiciled in the US and abroad. There is not an easier way to get started.

Many Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers travel often to the US and are interested in establishing strategic alliances with American professionals: family offices, estate planners, asset protection lawyers, international tax experts, RIAs, CFPs, CPAs etc. wanting to gain a cutting edge over their competition and providing added-value by bringing international and jurisdictional investment diversification "Made in Switzerland" closer to their clients through a second global investment strategy complementing their US-based portfolios. I am always happy to make e-introductions or personally during a visit to Switzerland. 

Some Swiss SEC RIAs provide services to Canadians too. 

AWS also includes a wide range of other private wealth management-related services, e.g. US tax advisors, Swiss trustees, lawyers, precious metals, real estate, and citizenship and residence planning, helping to pave the way to getting established in Switzerland. Now, US-based advisers are also welcome to join the AWS platform in the US-based advisers section.

Your questions, comments and suggestions are always welcome and I am looking forward to hearing from you (you can opt in for updates and news below).

Thank you and best regards from Switzerland, 


PS: For American expats living and working in Switzerland and those to come: AMERICANS WELCOME ★ SWITZERLAND | EXPATS

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