Thank you for joining my network of Swiss, American, Canadian, and international private wealth management professionals, advisors, consultants, and investors

As a Swiss/Canadian/Danish national, born in Vancouver, growing up in Canada and the US, and living in Switzerland, I have always been "crossborder" and international, and have experienced firsthand the benefits of being internationally connected and maintaining interesting and constructive relationships around the world. Today's channels of communication make it as easy as being right next door.

Wealth is going global and investors are no longer operating on a one-country basis. I am happy to be able to help American, Canadian, and other international professionals and investors to develop a Swiss network and to establish valuable relationships with Swiss experts focused on serving American and Canadian clients in the United States, Canada, and abroad. Vice-versa, I am happy to help Swiss professionals connect with internationally-minded North Americans and others with an international approach.

Especially during this time of uncertainty and volatility, the long-term preservation of assets has become a topic of greater concern. Surmounting challenges and unknown outcomes are worrisome and require a forward-thinking strategy and viable, long-term solutions.

Amongst wealthy entrepreneurs, individuals, and families in the US, Canada, and abroad, the interest for international and jurisdictional investment diversification - creating a second home for a portion of their assets - is understandably on the rise and Switzerland is a preferred jurisdiction for crossborder private wealth management.

The question is often, "How do I get established in Switzerland?"

The award-winning Swiss platform AW✚SWITZERLAND is a directory, building a bridge between American and Canadian investors, their advisors/counselors, and Swiss SEC-registered investment advisors, Canadian-licensed wealth managers,  and other wealth management professionals dedicated to serving North American clients domiciled in the US, Canada, and abroad. There is no easier way to get started in Switzerland than by visiting AW✚SWITZERLAND.

Switzerland has comprehensive economic strength against future crises.

Swiss wealth managers are interested in establishing alliances with professionals: family offices, estate planners, asset protection lawyers, international tax experts, insurance advisers, RIAs, CFPs, CPAs, etc. that would like to deepen their client offering and enhance planning capabilities by partnering with a Swiss advisor and gaining a cutting edge over their competition by providing added value, bringing international and jurisdictional investment diversification "Made in Switzerland" closer to their clients through a second global investment strategy complementing their domestic investment portfolios.

More and more families want to move themselves, their structures, or their assets to Switzerland.

With all the communication techniques available at our fingertips, I am always happy to make e-introductions, or personal introductions during a visit to Switzerland to get the touch and feel of Switzerland as a second home to a portion of one's assets.

AWS also includes a wide range of other private wealth management-related services, e.g. tax advisors, Swiss trustees, lawyers, precious metals, cryptocurrencies, real estate, citizenship and residence planning, and more, helping to pave the way to getting established in Switzerland.

AWS is here to help American and Canadian investors and their advisors. Please don't hesitate to get in touch...your questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome and I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks and best regards from Switzerland, Anne

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