Reyl Overseas Ltd.
REYL Overseas

REYL Overseas Ltd.

Talstrasse 65, 8001 Zurich, Switzerland

T: +41 58 717 94 00  F: +41 58 717 94 01

333 Lee Parkway, Suite 626, Dallas, TX 75219, USA

T: (214) 665-9426   F: (214) 665-9590

Minimum amount of investment:

USD 1,000,000

Our team combines first-hand knowledge of U.S. and international markets, providing financial expertise and exceptional personal service with a refreshingly innovative, flexible and transparent approach.

Romain Krief
Romain Krief - CEO
Zurich, Switzerland

I began my career in 1997 with Cook & Cie, which was later sold to Anglo-Irish Bank. In 2001, I joined Société Générale in Geneva as a Relationship Manager and then spent two years in the music industry with a company that I co-founded. Between 2004 and 2006, I advised private clients on wealth structuring before joining REYL & Cie SA. I have now worked for more than 11 years as a Relationship Manager in various markets and in April 2017, I became a CEO at REYL Overseas Ltd, working with US clients across the country. 

Education: Igraduated in 1997 with a Finance degree from the University of Paris I – La Sorbonne, France
+41 58 717 9415

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Oliver Hohermuth, Reyl Overseas Ltd.
Oliver E. Hohermuth - Director
Dallas, TX, USA

After almost 15 years in private banking, it is my pleasure to advise and guide my clients through an ever-changing world of international wealth management. From my early days at a Swiss domestic mortgage lender, through my time at Credit Suisse Private Advisors in Zurich and Vontobel Swiss Wealth Advisors in Dallas, Texas, to my today’s assignment as Senior Investment Adviser Representative for REYL Overseas in the United States, the sustainable and long-term-focused growth of my clients’ portfolios has been my number one priority. To shelter our investors’ wealth from the storm and to keep their wealth on a protected, resilient and fruitful path for generations to come.  
US: (214) 665-9426   

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