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US Tax & Financial Services Ltd / MAJATTORNEY
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Over 30 Years of Service: Individual, partnership, corporate, trusts and estate tax compliance and advisory for anyone subjected to the US tax systems, wherever they may be in the world.

Darlene Hart - Founder and CEO

I am CEO & founder of US Tax & Financial Services (est. 1986), a global tax company with offices currently in London, Zurich, and Geneva. I have over 30 years of tax, accounting, financial and retirement planning experience, working with international Big 4 firms in financial planning and initiating systems and policies.

My expertise has drawn the attention of Fortune 500 companies and I am known and sought after for my dynamic presentations on tax and financial matters, including the growing global transparency of the tax industry, to other professionals, banks, investors, accountants and the general public. Today much of my efforts are devoted to helping private clients become compliant with their US taxes through various options including Voluntary Disclosure, and the surfacing of undeclared funds to the appropriate authorities; and to advising banks and financial institutions on the US government’s FATCA legislation, which directly affects their relationships with their US clients.

I am currently working with a number of trust companies on FATCA compliance and advising, assisting and training on US GAAP and tax accounting, and with the preparation of US tax returns for foreign trusts, partnerships and corporations.

I hold a BS in Accounting and a MS in Tax from the University of Houston. I am an Enrolled Agent and member of the Association of International Accountants.

+41 44 387 8070

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