Switzerland is renowned for its stability, universality, responsibility, and excellence, making it an ideal destination for North and Latin American investors seeking a safe haven for their assets. The Swiss banking sector and financial center adhere to these values, contributing to a competitive and high-performing industry.

Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, Switzerland's AAA-rating with a stable outlook has been renewed by Fitch, indicating the country's economic resilience. The Deep Knowledge Group ranked Switzerland first for its careful approach and economic resilience in its Covid-19 Regional Safety Assessment. Additionally, Switzerland consistently receives high ratings in various categories, such as conducting business and quality of life, according to the annual rating by an American think tank.

What does this mean for assets held in Switzerland?

STABILITY: Switzerland's financial center is known for its long-term stability, even during times of crisis. The country's political and legal systems, institutional steadfastness, and robust currency make it a safe haven for individuals and companies worldwide. While Swiss banks and financial professionals operate globally, they remain firmly rooted in their home market.

UNIVERSALITY: Swiss banks and wealth managers embrace cultural diversity and offer a comprehensive range of products and services to customers of all nationalities and wealth levels. This ensures that even the most diverse customer needs can be met. The well-trained, multilingual, and open-minded professionals in Switzerland provide high-quality advisory services.

RESPONSIBILITY: Swiss banks and wealth managers prioritize respect for individuals and uphold ethical and moral standards within the social systems they operate. These standards are closely adhered to and continuously improved. Swiss banking actively promotes practice-oriented rules and global standards in dealing with international organizations.

EXCELLENCE: The Swiss financial industry boasts a competent, ambitious, and forward-thinking workforce, utilizing innovative methods and cutting-edge systems. It maintains the highest level of quality, combining the solid tradition of the Swiss financial center with adaptability to address the evolving needs of customers and society.

For US, Canadian, and Latin American citizens, residents, and expats worldwide, engaging a Swiss wealth manager and establishing a Swiss bank account provides jurisdictional diversification and long-term wealth preservation. Holding assets outside of the domestic financial system is considered prudent.

Switzerland actively participates in significant initiatives to accelerate and consolidate sustainable finance:

  • Financial Centers for Sustainability (FC4S): Switzerland is an active member of the FC4S network, which promotes the expansion of sustainable finance through international collaboration.

  • Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS): The Swiss National Bank and FINMA are members of the NGFS, which focuses on greening the financial system and mobilizing capital for green and low-carbon investments.

  • The UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UN PRI): Over 130 Swiss signatories have joined the UN PRI, an investor initiative that promotes responsible investments and the integration of sustainability factors into decision-making processes.

  • Principles for Responsible Banking (UN PRB): Several major Swiss wealth managers are signatories of the UN PRB, which aims to create a sustainable banking system aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and the Paris Agreement.

With all these factors in place, the Swiss financial center is well-positioned to maintain its strong ranking in the future.


Switzerland, as a global leader in cross-border private banking, offers easy access to US, Canadian, and Latin American investors. Through the Swiss platform AW+SWITZERLAND, investors can explore Swiss wealth management services without leaving their homes. Swiss SEC-registered investment advisors, including those serving Canadian and Latin American clients, can guide investors in establishing a presence in Switzerland and provide long-term wealth management strategies tailored to their needs.

Resource: Swiss Bankers Association

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