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 Get established in Switzerland from the comfort of your home

Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers with client-friendly access to their SEC registration, ADV Part 2 brochure, website, contact details, interviews, publications, events and more.

Swiss SEC RIAs are able to serve US clients in the US and abroad and to collaborate with local US advisers in creating a Swiss-based, investment strategy for long-term wealth preservation, complementing a US-based investment portfolio at home.

Alpenrose Wealth Management International

Zurich, Bäch, Geneva, Switzerland

Beck Asset Management AG

Zurich, Switzerland

BFI Infinity Inc.

 Zurich, Switzerland

HIA Helvetia Investment Advisors SA

Lugano, Switzerland

LOBNEK Wealth Management S.A. 

Geneva, Switzerland
New York, USA

Pictet North America Advisors SA

Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland

swisspartners Advisors

Zurich, Switzerland


Zurich, Switzerland

Ameliora Wealth Management Ltd.

Zurich, Switzerland

Belvoir Wealth Management AG

Zurich, Switzerland

Finaport Asset Management Ltd.

Zurich, Switzerland   Singapore 


Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland


Lugano, Zurich, Switzerland

REYL Overseas

Zurich, Switzerland  


Geneva, Switzerland
US client, custodian, asset manager relationship
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