International approach

In collaboration with Swiss professionals

US-based advisers (financial advisers, wealth managers, CPAs, lawyers, estate planners etc.) collaborating with Swiss SEC-registered investment advisers to bring international and jurisdictional investment diversification closer to their clients.

US advisers can develop relationships and networks with Swiss wealth managers, tax advisers, trustees and other wealth management-related service providers.

Their quest is to avoid a home-biased-only strategy and gain a cutting-edge over their "US-only" competition, providing their clients with added-value by advising them on adding an international dimension to their US-based investment portfolios, being prepared for unexpected developments which may occur on the market.

Many Swiss SEC-registered wealth managers are happy to co-counsel with a US adviser. A Swiss-based, internationally-diversified investment portfolio complements a US investment portfolio already in place back home.

Chicago, IL
Beverly Hills, CA


New York, NY
Los Angeles, CA
With over 1,400 lawyers in US and international offices and legal colleagues in over 40 countries around the world, Holland & Knight serves clients globally.
Tampa, FL
West Hartford, CT
Pasadena, CA
Estate Planning - Asset Protection
Newport Beach, CA
Miami - Fort Lauderdale - Palm Beach, FL
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
Dallas, TX
Bellevue, WA
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